haha no nib pen

IM GONNA JOIN THE GAY DESSERT ANIME PARADE so dulce de leche and cheese chi! also lecchi for short.

  • she’s 5’8” (176 cm)
  • an aries
  • she seems elegant at first but actually is very loud and enthusiatic about most things
  • has a very strong personality, and is unforgettable, just as the taste of dulce de leche
  • she won’t tell anyone how much she weights, but apparently, A L O T
  • falls in love very easily and confesses way too soon, causing her to get dumped pretty often, but she has already gotten used to it and rarely ever get disheartened by it
  • sweet and generous, but that also causes her to get into people’s business too much and sometimes get hurt while trying to protect other
  • optimistic and bubbly most of the time, but she gets pretty moody and sulky too. y’know, swinging from one extreme to the other
  • overprotective of her friends, and gets jealous easily
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